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There are different types of gemstones in the world. They all differ depending on their colour, size, weight, cuts and more. But they all have in common that they are all beautiful and are made from various minerals. Here at AK Gems, we’ll help you appreciate the beauty of these stones and help you find the perfect item that fits your style and personality. 

Who we are

AK Gems is an online-based platform that shares various topics about gemstones. These topics vary from our clients’ different wants and needs, such as the types of stones, maintaining them, prices, authenticity, and more. 

This company started a few years ago when we were just a group of friends who share the same interest in stones, specifically gems. We want to help those having a challenging time figuring out the meaning of different stones and encourage them to be knowledgeable about certain gems that could change their lives. 


Our mission is to share accurate information about the different gemstones in the world and educate people about their uses. 


We envision a world where most people have great appreciation and access to different kinds of gemstones. 

Core Values

We at AK Gems take great pride in letting our customers know who we are and how we plan to achieve our objectives by living up to our core principles and providing excellent customer service.

  • Innovation – We know that time flies fast, and it changes every day. And alongside these changes are innovations. As a company, we take pride in innovating our services to serve our customers better. 
  • Customer satisfaction – It is our primary goal to meet the needs of our customers. That is why we aim for excellent customer service by giving our best products and services. 
  • Inclusivity – We ensure that all our customers are included in everything we do, regardless of improving our services or adding new products. Furthermore, we are a discrimination-free company that lets all races and ages enjoy our services.
  • Integrity – The information we put on our website is accurate and original, so you can always rely on us for your gemstone concerns. 
  • Unique – We are a different company from the rest since we make sure that we stand out and that our products and services will always catch your attention. 
  • Passion – All our staff are passionate about gemstones, thus giving you the best and most accurate information and service possible. 
  • Courage – We ensure that we take risks and are brave in making bold decisions to improve our company and our service to our clients.
  • Communication – We believe that communication is the key to a great relationship. That is why we relay all our latest information and products to our clients, and we also have an excellent form of communication within the workplace. 
  • Fun – We want all our customers to have fun while browsing our website, which is why we make our content entertaining to read. 

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